Simple Ways to Make Eco changes

I have found myself feeling quite sad about how many one-time use products that are brought into the home, to then be quickly thrown out.

Ending up in Nature. Ending up in Land Fill.

I have consciously tried to make more eco friendly sustainable choices.  Unfortunately, I can’t stop all plastic use, but small steps and changes will end up making a significant difference…

  1. Glass food storage containers. Cease the use of glad wrap
  2. Soda Stream (saving over 728 plastic bottles a year going into landfill)
  3. Swap to products which are made from recyclable or eco-friendly material
    • No issues Tissues made from bamboo
    • Toilet Paper and Paper towel made from recycled paper
    • Baking Paper, foil made from greener (degradable, compostable or recycled) 
  1. Re-usable water bottle
  2. Make bamboo your friend (clothing, homewares, sheets etc)
  3. To combat soft plastics not being recyclable, Woolworths and Coles have partnered with REDcycle who have found the solution and turning it into reusable furniture and equipment. Simply wash your plastics, collect and drop in the dedicated bins at your local store.



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