Raw Emotions


Emotions are at the core of what makes us human. They help us survive, thrive, and avoid danger. Many people live to experience emotional highs, but many people are also caught by emotional lows. At QYORA™ we are working to help people on the emotional edge. We call these RAW EMOTIONS.

Raw emotions can be extreme, they can have a significant impact on the way we behave, move, think, and feel. Raw emotions are profoundly complex. They can consume us, change our behaviour, and can even alter our chemical balance.

From ancient times to the present, plants have been used to provide natural therapeutic benefits. We believe that the power of plants can interact with raw emotions. QYORA™ has created a new range of blends of pure plant essences from specific species in unique combinations and concentrations. Our experience is that these blends can provide powerful therapeutic relief to support how the mind and body are operating in raw emotional moments.

Digging a little deeper we have created our blends to interact with what we call the ‘heart’ but also the ‘stems’ of the raw emotion. At QYORA™ the ‘heart’ is the primary emotional feeling needing support, and the ‘stems’ are all the effects of that emotion psychologically and physically. Stems can manifest as many different feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.

Recognising how individual plant oils interact with the ‘heart’ and the ‘stems’ of a raw emotion is the unique benefit of QYORA™ pure essential oils. (this interaction is how our stems logo illustration was conceptualised)

For instance, ‘destress’. The ‘heart’ of this raw emotion is anxiety. The oils chosen are reported in the literature as having therapeutic benefits for anxiety and are a sedative (excluding clary sage). The blend is constructed to provide an instant calming psychologically and physiologically. The surrounding ‘stem’ emotions are to help clear negative thoughts and to provide space for focus and clarity. The blend provides strength & courage to assist with the anxious thoughts in those heighted moment of self-doubt and lack of worth. 

QYORA™ builds each blend of 100% pure essential oils for its therapeutic and emotional intent. Our blends may have up to 6 individual oils depending on the complexity. We do not build the blend simply for the aroma. 

Help heal the mind
Strengthen the body
Rest the soul