Personal Journey

I deeply understand that it can be incredibly difficult to take the thousand micro steps to unravel profound emotions. To explain how I can relate to this, I would like to share my personal trauma journey. I was enjoying a successful, professional career in one of the world’s largest beauty companies when suddenly everything changed. The moment my partner unexpectedly and tragically took his life. It emotionally crippled me for over two years.

From barely being able to move, I knew I needed professional help. This was the only moment I would venture out of my home for quite some time. I credit my psychologist with the lessons and inspiration on how to honour movement. This honour came in many forms, venturing to the letterbox, listening to the birds sing, recognising the colours in a sunset, smelling the rain, feeling the air on my face, planting a native, gardening and cooking a meal.

I found myself in my broader backyard and started walking to strengthen my weary body. The bush walks, although tiresome, started to energise me, and clear my battling thoughts as I watched the sun stream through the trees onto the path, the wallabies bounce, and echidnas forage. This was the initial charge to heal and repair my soul. 

Finding refuge in the forest I felt the desire to extend nature’s powerful healing essence into my home. I couldn’t find a grief essential oil blend, so I decided to research it and make it myself. This sounds easy, however it was a constant battle to concentrate, and finish something… anything.. Slowly I kept in the forest, and garden which pushed me to make my blend. Grief blend is the heartbeat to my essential oil learning journey, aromatherapy diploma, and passion.

The plant essence helped my moods, by calming me, uplifting me, or grounding me depending on the moment. The different essences stimulated different emotions, feelings, thoughts, and memories. They created a sense of peace, and comfort in my once lonely home. The aroma equivalent to looking at a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table, the smell of your favourite family meal, the memory you are taken to when listening to your favorite song.

Not realising it at the time, making these incredibly hard movements is naturally progressing the mind, heart, and soul forward. Each effort to bush walk, to turning on the diffuser, gradually builds into a benefit that far outweighs the initial action. Slowly being supported through nature became a new routine.

Natures energy and aroma was the essence to healing my soul, utilising the power of plants and the aromas of nature…I would like to share my experiences, passion, and learnings to help others on their personal emotional journey.

To help heal the mind.
Strengthen the body.
Rest the soul