Refund Policy:

Please choose carefully and read product descriptions prior to purchasing. Due to hygiene purposes, change of mind refund or credit is not accepted. For full refund terms click here.


What alcohol is used?

Rest assured we are using Ethanol 70%. The health guidelines are =>60% Alcohol will kill germs. 

Not all alcohol is equal. Sanitisers using some vodkas or witch hazel do not have the correct proof, and could end up being as low as 40% alcohol content. Which is below the standards to effectively kill germs. 

Tip:  It can be tricky as the ingredient listing may state 'alcohol'.  Always best to ask if not specified.

What's different about our sanitiser?

We always use premium Australian sourced ingredients from trusted suppliers. We have a high standard in what we do, and this is reflected in our products. 

Despite the high alcohol content, our consistent feedback is "highly moisturising, sensitive on the hands, and smells great".

How do we do this?....

We don't load sanitiser with water and other chemicals, we use natures healing properties. We always have you and your health in mind, and alcohol can be harsh to our skin. Our second highest content is Aloe Vera gel.  Aloe is known for its healing anti-inflammatory properties and to provide a protective moisturiser for your skin. 

+ combined with Vitamin E Natural oil...

Vitamin E also helps soften and protect the skin. 

 + added Pure Australian Essential Oils...

Tea Tree Australian oil is renowned for its anti-bacterial, natural antiseptic properties. It is perfect to help hands not flare up, irritate, or dry out. Great for sensitive skin and eczema sufferers.

Lemon Australian oil is added to aid the anti-bacterial properties.



  • Tested on Animals?

We do not test on animals, use products tested on animals, or any product containing animals.  We work with our fellow humans to test and provide feedback. QYORA™  is proudly an approved business by PETA. 

  • Are your products Vegan Friendly?

Yes. All products, raw materials, warehouse facility are completely free of any animal product.

  • Why are your essential oils Premium?

There are a few reasons what makes a great quality, premium essential oil. Species and the Grade. There are hundreds of oils with different species, and grades available. Each of them have varying levels of essential oil quality and therapeutic benefits. Essential oils are true to you get what you pay for.

QYORA™  use reputable Australian supplier, and we always craft and blend with  the more premium plant essence.

Premium plant essence, has greater therapeutic benefits. They will also linger in the room, or on person. QYORA™  blends have a deeper, stronger, more aromatic infusion, creating a lasting invigorating and healing experience. 

It also means not as much product is required, making each purchase last longer. 

Watch out for manufactured, or fake oils. Generally these are the cheap ones!

For more information click here.

  • What is the difference between essence and pure essential oil?

Essential oil, uses real plants by extracting the oil from either the flower, leaf, stem or root.

Essence is a manufactured chemical to create an aroma.

  • Is it safe to use oils on animals?

We do not recommend putting oils on animals, as their size of organs and system is different to ours. The oils are powerful and could harm them.

We also do not recommend diffusing any oils in a closed room where a pet is.

Do not spray oils on their beds. Their skin could have a reaction to it, as well as breathing it in.