About Us

QYORA™ targets & supports raw emotions. Your products are crafted using only premium plant essences for a deeper, stronger, more aromatic infusing & invigorating experience.

QYORA™ was founded to help people with their personal, deep emotional and spiritual journeys. Our products and services have been crafted to assist others in their struggle and provide space for the next breath, the next stage of relief. Each micro step that is immersed in pure, natural remedial aromas is a step towards lasting healing benefits.

To help heal the mind

Strengthen the body

Rest the soul


QYORA™ products are pure, natural remedial aromas that respect the earth and plants, and that have the soul at the centre of the experience. We have nature and sustainability at forefront of what we do.

Proudly Australian made, in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.