Sage (Salvia officinalis)

Sage Salvia officinalis 

The leaves are steam distilled to obtain the essential oil. The oil is a pale yellow green. It can also be referred to as Dalmatian Sage, Garden or Common Sage. Sage (ketones) oil can be mistaken for Clary Sage (esters). Despite them belonging to the same plant family, these two herbs and properties are different, each with a distinctive appearance. Sage leaves are smaller and oblong. Clary sage leaves are roundish and large as pictured. Both have a rough texture and fine hairs.

Sage Emotional Support:  Clarity of the mind, clear negative thoughts, enhance memory, provide rest and relief from feeling low.

Applied topically: Help with blemishes, stretch marks and swelling. Also provides relief to dry skin and swelling.

Sage therapeutic support: Help eliminate toxins, respiratory, and assist with digestion. It’s also used to help the female reproductive system, and to regulate cycles. It may also assist with muscular and joint pain.  It’s also used for skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and athletes foot. 



Clary Sage or White sage is one of the most known herbs for spiritual clearing, purifying rooms, self and objects. Also recognised as smudging. It’s an ancient witchcraft practice to tie the leaves together and burn it. The powerful earthy scented smoke is fanned around the room or self, to clear unwanted spirits, negative and stuck energy.  

How to Smudge using sage: Fan smoke (some use a feather, or gently swirl it) to each corner of the room. Set your calm intent, and state “ those who are not here for my greater good, I ask you to leave”. Repeat this chant.